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Sandro Morales-Santoro is an award-winning Venezuelan composer based in Los Angeles. Sandro specializes in music for film and television as well as interactive and new media. His most recent scoring projects include Marvel Animation’s film ‘The Secret History of Venom,’ as well as co-composing World of Wonder’s ‘Explant’, a documentary exposé about the breast implant industry.

Sandro has also collaborated on original music for hit tv-shows like Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ and Hulu’s ‘Good Trouble’. His skills as a composer are evident throughout his lush orchestral scores, which are always infused with hints of his diverse upbringing and culture. His eclectic style is the result of his journey as a musician; going from popular and folk music in Venezuela, to a classical music education, to jazz and electronic influences during his studies in the US.

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Sandro graduated summa cum laude from the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2009, and since then has developed a prolific career as a composer in Los Angeles. He’s a recipient of the Berklee Achievement Scholarship- and his scores have been nominated for the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards, the Changing Face International Film Festival, The New York/Istanbul Short Film Festival and the Care Awards. Sandro has also received the Best Score Awards at the Luminous Frames Film Festival, Queen Palm Film Festival and the Hollywood Gold Awards.

Sandro is a voting member of the TV Academy (Emmys) and the Society of Composers and Lyricists, and he’s part of the Executive Committee of the Composers Diversity Collective. A filmmaker at heart, Sandro’s scores show a very sensitive approach, analyzing each individual scene to capture all of the nuances and complexities of the story. He’s always eager to help realize the Director’s vision and to be an asset to the overall storytelling.  

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